5 Simple Rotator Cuff Exercises

Strengthening the muscles of your rotator cuffs prevents injuries as these muscles stabilize and protect your shoulders. If you suffer from shoulder pain, try some of the following rotator cuff exercises:

The Doorway Stretch: Stand in an open doorway and grip the sides at shoulder height. Lean forward as passing by still dripping the sides and with your back straight until feeling the stretch.

Reverse Fly: Bend forward with your feet at shoulder width and knees slightly bent. Extend your arms up as a flying movement at shoulder height. You can do it using some extra light way.

Side external rotation: Lie on the floor on the side that does not hurt. Bend your elbow down across your stomach and raise without fully stretching, you elbow should not move from your hip.

Lawn Mower Pull Ups: If you have a resistance band, place it under the foot from the side that is not injured. Hold the band and pull diagonally while you keep your hand on your hip. Keep your shoulder relaxed.

High to Low Row: If you have a resistance band, attach it above shoulder height. Then, get down on the knee of the side that is not injured. Secure the band, stretch and pull It towards your body.

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